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Arkansas Lost on the Day Bobby Bones Didn’t Wear Princess Necklace

A few weeks ago, Bobby Bones confessed he had a new superstition with a princess necklace and Arkansas games.

His friend's daughter asked him to wear her princess necklace during one of the first Arkansas games. He knew if the team won then that meant he needed to wear the necklace for the rest of the season. He was able to get his friend to give him the necklace for the remainder of this year's games. So Bones has been wearing it and Arkansas kept winning. However, this past weekend Bones went to Las Vegas for our iHeartFestival2022 and he forgot the necklace.

He put the necklace in the wrong bag, which meant he couldn't wear it for the Saturday game. Unfortunately Arkansas lost to Texas A&M 21 to 23. So now Bones is frantically looking for the necklace so it's on him for every game moving forward.