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Millennial Movie Review: Morgan Watched ‘Wayne’s World’ for the First Time

Morgan is the youngest on The Bobby Bones Show, so sometimes Bobby Bones, Amy, Eddie, and Lunchbox make references and she doesn't know them due to difference in age. Some of those references come from popular movies and TV shows before Morgan was born or when she was young.

Bones has been tasking Morgan with watching, for the first time, the popular things from "back in the day" to see if they are still loved and relatable in the same ways today. Here are all of the things she's watched and reviewed since this started:

Her latest assignment was to watch Wayne's World. She said that all of the "80s and 90s dude movies" they keep making her watch have the same comedy routines. She felt like Wayne's World had more substance overall and she found herself really loving Garth towards the end of the movie. Plus, she understands why it's a classic today. She gave it 3.5/5 guitars.

Her next movie assignment is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.