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Amy’s Daughter Wants to Watch ‘Terrifier 2’ With Her

After a wheel spin earlier this week on The Bobby Bones Show, Amy has been tasked with watching horror movie Terrifier 2 in theaters.

The movie is said to be making people vomit and pass out while watching it due to its very violent nature. The movie is over 2.5 hours long and Amy has to watch it before Halloween. She's been less than excited about the homework assignment and really doesn't want to go by herself. Her daughter Stachira is a huge fan of horror films, it's her favorite movie genre. She really wants to go to the movies to watch it with Amy, however it's been highly suggested kids don't see this movie as it's rated R. Some listeners told Amy their kids have gone with them to see it since they're also big horror movie fans and they've been fine.

Amy hasn't made a decision yet on whether Stachira will get to go along with her, but she's considering it. Especially because her daughter is so matter-of-fact about things and already noted to her mom that none of it is real.