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The Show Scratches Off Lottery Tickets They Bought With Pooled Money

The Bobby Bones Show has been trying to win some money in the lottery!

There was a news story about a guy who likes to purchase full rolls of lottery tickets and he's won multiple times with this strategy. So the show decided to pool together the largest amount of money to date so they could test out this strategy. Bobby and Lunchbox both put $500 into the pool, Amy put in $260, Eddie put in $200, then Morgan, Raymundo, Scuba Steve, Mike D, and Abby all put in $100, and producer Kevin put in $40 coming out to a total of $2,000. Everyone sent Morgan the money because Lunchbox wasn't trusted with that much cash.

The show brought on Jared James, who is a scratch-off lottery expert to determine which tickets they needed to buy. James told the show they should drive down to Georgia to buy this specific scratch-off ticket for the best odds. Apparently Tennessee is one of those states that doesn't share the odds and specific analytics to determine the best tickets to buy, which is why James suggested Georgia. However, when Lunchbox took James advice and called several different gas stations in Georgia and they did not have the specific lottery tickets James suggested. So he decided to pivot and just buy the lottery tickets in Tennessee and instead of buying $20 tickets, he bought $50 tickets.

Lunchbox and Morgan came back to the studio with two rolls of tickets + 4 extra. After a morning full of scratching (June 14), the show won $975 in cash and 3 ticket prizes. So in total, the show won $1,125, which they are already planning to invest back into another round of scratch-off tickets.

Watch the full round of scratching on today's Facebook live below.