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The Bobby Bones Show Scratches Off More Lottery Tickets

The Bobby Bones Show has been trying to win some money in the lottery!

There was a news story about a guy who likes to purchase full rolls of lottery tickets and he's won multiple times for and two with this strategy. So the show decided to pool together the largest amount of money to date so they could test out this strategy. There was a whole lot of drama around the ticket purchasing and scratching off the tickets that went down yesterday, here's a recap.

After yesterday's events, the show purchased 12 more lottery tickets to scratch off this morning (June 15). In those 12 tickets, they only got $125 in winnings. At this point, the show has lost $1,875 after investing $2,000 collectively. They will likely be reinvesting the $125 into more scratch-off tickets since they've already "lost" at this point.

Watch today's round of scratching on Facebook live above.