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Lunchbox & Morgan Saw A-List Celebrities in the Wild

Lunchbox and Morgan both saw A-list celebrities in the wild, and they both think they saw the bigger one.  

Lunchbox saw Jake Owen walking down the street with a group of friends. He was driving so when he passed him, he pulled over quickly and crossed several lanes of traffic to say hello. Lunchbox even got audio from Owen saying he had just finished eating lunch with some friends and he saw him run across the street to meet him. Morgan was driving around looking at some nice houses in a fancy neighborhood when she saw Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town drive by and pull into a massive house.

The show agreed that Lunchbox saw the bigger celebrity. Owen and Bobby Bones are good friends so Bones called Owen to get his side of the story and talk about his new album Loose Cannon, more here.