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Bobby Shares First Kiss Story With His Wife Caitlin

Morgan shared a PowerPoint presentation about the 10 dates she went on in December. In one of the slides, she shared that 3 out of the 10 guys went in for a kiss on the first date. So, Bobby Bones shared his first kiss story with his wife, Caitlin.  

He met her through her friend who was from Oklahoma and doing PR for him while he was on Dancing with The Stars. He was on his way to California to film for a game show and didn’t have Caitlin’s number, but he messaged her saying he was coming to town and asked if she wanted to do something. She agreed and he said he’d be done with the shoot around 6 p.m. but it ended up being closer to 8 p.m. They still went to dinner at a salad place and talked for hours. They really enjoyed their time together, but Bones was only in town for one more night until he had to go to the Dancing with The Stars finale, and he asked her to come. They had a great time and on the way to the afterparty in the back of the car, he grabbed her and kissed her. It wasn’t open mouth though because he didn’t want to push it on the first kiss. He also had a full face of makeup on since he had just gotten off TV and knew it was awkward, but the date went well!