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Bobby Shares Update On DIY Pickleball Court & Expensive Windows He Found

Bobby Bones shared an update on what happened with his DIY Pickleball court and the expensive Tiffany glass windows he found in his home he was trying to sell!  

Bones really wanted to have a pickleball court in his backyard but couldn’t find a company to build it. He was going to watch YouTube video and do it himself, but he finally found a company that will do it. The problem he’s facing now is that when they set the asphalt, it must have a certain amount of 60-degree nights, so they can’t start until April or May. He’s happy he does not need to learn how to do it himself from YouTube videos anymore and can’t wait for the company to start soon!  

Then, in his old house, he found Tiffany glass windows that he was going to sell for $50, until Dr. Lori appraised them and told him they were worth $15 to 20-thousand dollars each. He’s put them away and is waiting to sell them!