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Amy Doing Dyslexia Testing To Find Out What Further Intervention She Needs

Dyslexia Specialist, Miss Kelli came on the show to test the members and Amy was diagnosed with it. Amy then connected with her on Zoom to get further testing because she would like to do the intervention necessary to learn more. The further testing gave a more accurate result of what she has going on, which she is compiling into a document that Amy does not have yet. She does have ADHD and Dyslexia, but the results will show where she falls on the spectrum. When she has the results, she will go to an interventionist to see what she needs to have done.  

Miss Kelli will be on Amy’s 4 Things Podcast tomorrow (March 28) because she had so many questions and is hoping to help others. She also wants to encourage everyone that if you’re diagnosed as an adult, you can still have growth and learn.