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Raymundo Did The Polar Plunge After He Lost The Hat Drawing On The Show

Last week, Lunchbox proposed another hat drawing in an effort to not be the only "loser" on the show. Lunchbox was put in a hat drawing twice with the other show members for who would be the person that got put on the donation slip for a possible civilian trip to space. Lunchbox lost in both drawing attempts. So he brought in a new hat drawing and whoever lost had to do the Polar Plunge over the weekend.

Thankfully Lunchbox didn't lose this time around, but Raymundo did. Raymundo fulfilled his loss and went out to do the Polar Plunge this weekend. He showed up in a polar bear onesie and then completed the Polar Plunge by backflipping into the cold pool. The announcer said his name wrong, and he was pretty angry at Raymundo for backflipping into the pool. Despite that, he helped raised $600 for Special Olympics and fulfilled his hat drawing loss.