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Abby May Have Found Something Of Value At Crater Of Diamonds State Park

Lunchbox and Abby went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park earlier this week. It was revealed that Lunchbox didn't necessarily find any diamonds, but he did think he found rocks that look like famous celebrities.

During Lunchbox's time digging, Abby was taking videos and photos so she wasn't getting to do any digging. However, she went to the bathroom for a break and when she came back, he was napping under a tree. So while he was napping, Abby decided to do some digging of her own and might have actually found some things.

She didn't get her findings appraised at the Crater of Diamonds State Park because she didn't want Lunchbox to know she did her own digging. So on today's show (October 1), Abby revealed her findings for the first time. Some of her "rocks" have some shine to them, and now the show is helping her get them appraised because they might just be diamonds.