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Maren Morris Watched As Amy Sang Duet "Chasing After You" With Ryan Hurd

After weeks of waiting and practicing, Amy finally got to perform "Chasing After You" with Ryan Hurd.

During The Bobby Bones Show weeks ago, Amy came into the show sharing that she thought she could sing along great to Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris' latest duet "Chasing After You." She would hear the song on the radio and sing along. Because of that, she thought she sounded pretty good and believed she could sing Morris' duet part on the song in real life. The show called Hurd's people to see if he'd be up for coming into studio to talk about his latest projects and perform with Amy so she could test out her theory.

Hurd was totally up for singing with Amy and he was excited to come on the show to perform his new song "Pass It On." He decided to bring special guests Morris and Hardy along with him. The three of them wrote "Pass It On" together and he thought it would be a great performance. However, that meant Morris would be in studio when Amy sang her part on "Chasing After You." Because of the situation escalating past what Amy thought would happen, she got nervous and spent the last week practicing and taking advice from people. She asked Eddie to practice the duet with her, and she asked for harmonizing advice from phone screener Abby.

Today (April 1) Hurd, Morris and Hardy all came into the studio for their appearance. Hurd shared that his new song "Pass It On" was actually written for Morris, but she decided it felt like a male song and it eventually fell to Hurd. He ended up loving the song so much it became the latest single and the first song on his latest album Pelago. Hurd and Morris both shared that they haven't discussed working on a couple album together, but Morris added she loves doing duets.

Before long it was time for Amy to take her singing role seriously and sing her duet with Hurd. She switched places with Morris so that Morris was sitting in Amy's studio sit while Amy sat on the stage next to Hurd and Hardy. Bobby Bones told Amy she had to commit to being serious to truly do her best. So Amy committed and she got through the entire duet without many mistakes. Watch it all go down below!