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6th Grader Reese Stops by the Studio After Talent Show Success

6th grader Reese called into The Bobby Bones Show several months ago to talk with Bobby Bones about her school's talent show.

They were going to cancel the talent show if she wasn't able to get some support around it. She had an idea to call the show and ask Bones if he could get her connected with Jason Aldean. She wanted to perform a song of his and wanted him to show up for it so they could sing it together. Her idea was that his appearance would make sure the talent show definitely happened. She got through to Bones and although he wasn't able to get Aldean to be there for the talent show, he did get Aldean to record a video introducing Reese for her performance of his song. She was all over the news for her determination and what she was able to make happen for her school.

Fast forward to today (August 17), Reese came into the studio with her family to give the show an update on her life lately. She's headed into 7th grade, and she just had orientation and got her first locker. She's excited, but nervous about her first day back to school. Though she's still so happy about her experience with the talent show. She told Bones it has all been a "really cool and surreal experience" but it also "happened quick." The news segment about her has also given her some attention from people in her community and she loves getting to talk with them about it.

While hanging out with the show, she played a music game with Lunchbox and shared some fun facts about herself. Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem" is the song she listens to on repeat, and her top 5 music artists are Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Morgan Wallen. Watch the game and her full studio appearance below!