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BBS Cinema Club Reviews Amy’s Movie Choice: ‘Pretty Woman’

The Bobby Bones Show is continuing their movie club with their latest review! Everyone submitted their movie suggestions and Bobby Bones draws one randomly out and whichever one is picked; they have a week to watch it and review.  So far, they have watched and reviewed, RopeThe Stuff, Shotgun Wedding, Showgirls and Man on the Moon.    

In the latest drawing, Amy’s movie Pretty Woman from 1990 was chosen! It’s a very nostalgic movie from her and mostly everyone on the show had seen it before and said seeing it now that their older hit different. Bones thought it was a very sad story. Find out what everyone on the show thought about it below!   

  • Mike D – Said they don’t make romcoms like they used to. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have unmatched chemistry and he found her attractive. Rated it 4/5 Hotel Keys. 
  • Morgan - Loved the movie and had seen it multiple times. Rated it 5/5 Tall Boots.  
  • Raymundo - Had never seen it before and thought there were some cute moments and would watch it again. Rated it 3.5/5 Tricks. 
  • Amy – Rated it 5/5 Prostitutes that find Prince Charming.  
  • Eddie – Thought Julia Roberts was awesome but forgot how unrealistic the movie was and that it did not hit as hard as it did in 1990. Rated it 3/5 Necklaces.  
  • Scuba Steve - Good movie and forgotten classic. Rated it 4.5/5 $100 Bills 
  • Abby - Seen it several times and can never finish it or get into it. Rated it 3.5/5. 

Photo: Getty Images