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Show Members Review Eddie’s Cinema Club Movie Pick ‘Roman Holiday’

It’s a new season of The Bobby Bones Show’s Movie Club!

Everyone submitted their movie suggestions and Bobby Bones draws one randomly out and whichever one is picked they have a week to watch it and review. So far, they have watched and reviewed, RopeThe Stuff, Shotgun Wedding, Showgirls, Man on the MoonPretty Woman and Steel Magnolias.  The new movie they picked was Eddie’s suggestion for Roman Holiday. It’s from 1953 and stars Aubrey Hepburn. He called it a movie for the ladies that they’ll love. 

Find out everyone's review below:  

  • Bobby Bones – He thought it was way too long and boring, but liked seeing a young Hepburn. Rated it 2/5 Tierra's.  
  • Amy – She enjoyed it but thought it was too long. Rated it 3.5/5 Princesses.  
  • Lunchbox – He got to the part where she was drugged and the guy took her back to the hotel, so he turned the movie off.  
  • Raymundo – He thought the plot was too simple and it wasn’t worth two hours of your time. Rated it 2/5.  
  • Morgan – She thought the only good thing about the movie was Hepburn. She disliked the fact that it was in black and white. Rated it 2.5/5 haircuts.  
  • Mike D – Thought the pacing of the movie was so slow. Rated it 2/5 Park Bench Naps.  
  • Scuba Steve – He didn’t watch it because he didn’t have the time.

Since Lunchbox and Scuba Steve did not watch the movie, the show will decide if they need to be punished for it!  

Photo: Getty Images